About Change Step

What is Change Step?

Change Step offers effective support for veterans, their families and carers in Wales – enabling them to access vital support services and tackle serious stress and related issues.

Our team of peer mentors use their own experiences to help fellow veterans and their loved ones confront challenges in their lives, and manage their journeys of recovery.


Who is Change Step for?

We help anyone who has been a member of the UK Armed Forces, full-time or reserve.


Change step

Help us help veterans

Since we launched in 2014, we’ve helped more than 1,900 veterans and their families.

Research shows every pound spent on Change Step results in around £7 in social benefits – including better wellbeing, reduced loneliness and more settled home life for veterans, and savings to health services.

Our network of peer mentors have delivered more than 41,000 hours of effective engagement with veterans in communities throughout Wales.

Veterans we have supported have given more than 10,000 years of service to the UK Armed Forces.


Want to support our work?

Every penny raised helps sustain our vital service.  Help our work by donating to Change Step.

Want to volunteer with us?  Please get in touch, and we’ll match your skills to one of our rewarding volunteering opportunities.

Want to fundraise for us?  Please get in touch and we’ll do all we can to support your efforts.