Change Step Next Steps

Change Step Next Steps offers effective support for veterans, their families and carers who experience serious stress and related conditions throughout Wales.

Our team of peer mentors use their own experiences to help fellow veterans and their loved ones confront significant life challenges and embark upon journeys of recovery.

We work with anyone who has been a member of the UK Armed Forces, regular or reserve, and their families and carers to combat serious stress.


Skilled and empathetic

We use the bond and comradeship shared by Armed Forces veterans to help people change their lives for the better.

Our skilled and empathetic peer mentor case managers collaborate with a wide range of formal portfolio partners and other organisations.


Seamless service

We undertake a full assessment of all our clients’ requirements and offer one-to-one advice and hands-on guidance for as long as necessary.

Our mentors help veterans, their families and carers plan for recovery – then manage access to the specialists, support organisations and activities best suited to their needs.



Proven and effective

Our peer mentoring approach is proven and effective, and has been shown to deliver around £7 of social value for each pound spent.

We provide veterans, their families and carers with the tools and connections they need to tackle serious stress and make a lasting difference to their lives.

Our partners

We work with a wide range of partners in the veterans services and support sector in Wales to deliver a seamless service, foster innovation and measure progress.


Supported by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust

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