Change Step’s guide to support for older veterans in Wales


Our guide is perfect for older veterans who live in Wales, and their families and carers.  It will provide you with information about the most common issues that affect older veterans’ well-being, and some great sources of support.

Why should I read this guide?

Perhaps you feel there isn’t anyone you can talk to, or you have concerns about a relative or someone you care for who is an older veteran? Our guide provides vital information about and links to organisations that can provide the support you need.


“Some veterans have got an undignified attitude to asking for help… they think they are begging, which is a great mistake…”

John Davis, a 93-year-old veteran of the South Wales Borders and Royal Signals regiments, saw action in Tunisia, Sicily, France, Holland, and Germany during World War 2.  He also served in peacetime in Cyprus and Suez, and believes that veterans can find comradeship in the communities around them.




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“I couldn’t ask for any more” Ted Owen

Ex Royal Marine Commando Ted, 92, is a veteran of the D-Day landings, and the battles of the Bulge and Walcheren Causeway.

He shares the story of how he received unexpected help with new household furnishings.

“I’m telling everybody, I’m so proud of what they have done…

“I think they have been absolutely…  I couldn’t ask for any more.  I never have!”

“Let’s see if we can help…” John Glass

John, who served in the Royal Signals for 15 years, talks about his recovery from a serious head injury.

The 67-year-old believes the support offered by Woody’s Lodge has helped him to change his life.

“I was never one for filling in forms… but they said, ‘Have you got this?  Have you got that?’

“Have a brew, have a chat.  Talk about it.  Let’s see if we can help. “Usually things aren’t as bad as you think they are if you can talk about it with someone like-minded.”